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From:    Bill Jones, Meeting Recording Secretary


Date:     8/2/01

Re:        Boys Committee - Minutes

Meeting Chair Person:      Chris Clauss





Jane M. Wills


Emi Vishoot


Colin Powers

Old Dominion

Chris Lanfear

New England

Shang Hsiung


Chip Reiley


Bill Jones


Tim Kilian


Bill Shook


Shannon Dunn

North California

Maureen Nelson

Rocky Mountain

David Pelxolo


Glen Leitzke


Mike Chandler


John Kessel


Ken Harris



Shannon Rios

So California


Mike Hulett

Great Lakes

Becky Hudson


Harold W. Cranswick


Chuck Stemm












Documents Relied upon by the Committee:  Agenda, 8/2/01; E-Mail letter of Mike Chandler regarding discipline & sanctions at Boys Championships; Boys’ Championships Qualifying Proposal (5 pages); Foreign Team Registration Form with Code of Conduct; Memorandum letter from Niels Pederson



Trying to make sure the boy’s schedules are as complementary as they can be.  Searching for East Coast Site for the tournament.  Been held in Chesapeake, Rochester, and Penn State (Keystone Region); conflicts were Chesapeake and Chicago; and St Louis Tournament conflicting with Asics; California conflicted with AAU championship.

Goal:  Mikasa and Shang’s Extravaganza not on same weekend. 

Suggestion:  President’s day weekend for three-day tournament.  This would mean 3 weekends of travel.  Shang:  No control over dates, at mercy of the University.  Last weekend of February, or the 1st weekend of March.  Not a lot of flexibility. 

Discussion:  Keystone teams cannot participate after start of March due to High School season.  Niels may be able to change.  In 2002, Penn State will be hosting men’s NCAA Championship (1st week of May.)  Would like to have a boys’ tournament as a wrap-around event, but would conflict with Ohio Valley High School.  Need better dissemination of information. 

Boys’ East Coast Championships – If PIAA could ever modify their schedule, it would open a lot of opportunities for teams to participate.   All the top teams try to go west to SCVA’s event.


There were 21 incidents at Boys Championships this past year.  8 were from Puerto Rico, 8 SCVA, 1 from Old Dominion, …

With so many teams from outside of USA causing so many problems, it is suggested that future requirements would have the Federation (Puerto Rico) accept responsibility for all travel and lodging arrangements, so as not to negatively impact USA Volleyball, or its Championship Event.  Puerto Rico sends many; competitive teams, and the combination of delegating responsibility for their off-court behavior, as well as maintaining appropriate competition sanctions or penalties could balance the conflicting concerns.  USA setting firm policy for conduct, on and off the court, is essential to encourage and require the teams, clubs, parents, and leadership to take control and responsibility for their teams.

Suggested that Security Deposits coupled with the $800.00 entry fee is a strong financial burden on the clubs, and possibly strict, zero tolerance discipline could suffice.

Consensus of the group was against deposits, and in favor of vigilance and discipline of misbehavior.  Punishment of the team would be up to the Region, but National Ethics and Eligibility could impose sanctions beyond the event at which the misconduct occurred.



Tabled until one of tomorrows meetings.


a.      General.  Out of the top12 teams seeded only 2 were out of line, an 83% success ratio.  The Re-entry fixes that.  Colin complimented the seeding. 

b.      Seeding.  Tournaments NEED to report their results for seeding purposes.  Might need a financial penalty of, e.g. $50.00, for failure to report.  Recognized there is no method of balancing for number of tournaments a team enters.

c.       Mandatory Results Reporting.  Team Codes as a method of enforcing continuity of results reporting.  Motion to recommend requiring mandatory results, and on failure to submit, a $50.00 penalty would be due before the team can compete?  No.  Deadline to flush out issues by September, to get the tournament information to the Administrative Council.  Suggested that Tournament Directors participate in the determination of a policy to enforce submission of results.  Suggested to have 4 Tournament Directors designated by USAV to submit their seedings to the seeding committee.  The committee discussed a workable turnaround time for reporting of the seedings, based on a schedule.  Final consensus toward getting better and more complete information to the National office to accomplish the seeding.

The Eastern Tournament Hosts will collaborate on their seedings and submit a report to the National Office of the suggested East Coast Team seedings.

c.        Using Web Pages.   See online tournament reporting, results reporting, and qualifiers set up through USA web site below.


 Identification of Disabled athletes.  We need to determine more persons who would be qualified, willing and interested in participating in both the standing and sitting Olympics.  Suggestion of Shriners Hospitals for joint cooperation for identifying athletes for the Disabled teams.   Shriners Hospitals submitting information among their 20 member organizations for Disabled athletes, as well as continuing efforts through the YMCA programs.  Planning to have both mens’ and womens’ teams in 2004.  Looking first for interested athletes, then seeking to give them training and experience in volleyball.  We need to explore the significant potential for Junior National Championships, for both sitting and standing competitions.


Since it is a USA Volleyball event, USA teams all have first preference.  Second preference is to United States Territories, then border countries, and lastly other countries for both girls and boys.  This is without quantifying the number of teams from each of the countries.  We cannot modify these guidelines because of the USOC, and the Amateur Sports Act Regulations.  USOC and Amateur Sports Act prohibit exclusion from competition based on country of origin.

This could be applied consistently by adjusting the teams among divisions, so long as we do not exclude them from the tournament.  What criteria could be used to balance the acceptance and divisions of teams?  Territories and foreign countries are often the first to enroll, since their participation requires such a level of planning and financial commitment.

Could be addressed by accepting entry participation based on performance standings, which must be submitted, and the At-Large bids would be accepted or denied on the basis of results seedings.  Mike Chandler suggests that the representatives cooperate and participate in developing not only the concept, but in formalizing and articulating a specific proposal that would be forwarded to the Administrative Council based on a suggested deadline.

The office had zero tolerance for late entries this year. 

Colin requested that Shannon Rios, based on her seeding experience, prepare a rough outline of criteria that the boys’ committee participants could consider during this weekend’s meeting.  Shannon agreed to bring criteria to tomorrow morning’s meeting.

In response to a question, Mike Chandler indicated he would like to have all documents prior to the event including chaperones, medical releases, hotel accommodations. This is a preference, but not a feasible requirement.  Minimum criteria for consideration of entry are the Online Registration, plus receipt of the entry fee.  Of all the collateral forms, the most important form that should be available in advance would be the medical release forms. 

Impact, required of the head coach, and suggested for the assistant coach, who may then act if any problem occurs in the head coach appearing at or remaining the event.  The committee should consider whether assistant coaches should also be required to be IMPACT certified.

We need a system to verify rosters and qualifications online.  One idea would be to use the USA online system for Regional qualifiers, which would enable verification of rosters and qualifications.  Cost of setting it up is minimal, but the system could only handle the multi-day, big events, until its capacity is upgraded.

Eventually, every Region will have the capacity to run their events through the USA Volleyball web site.  All of the boys’ J.O. teams, 264 teams, including the foreign teams, used the online registration system.  Only the teams that went to the tournament submitted rosters.


With reference to the Mike Chandler letter regarding progressive escalation of sanctions from 1st offense with a competition penalty (forfeit game/match); individual event disqualification; club or team disqualification, the committee discussed the importance and application of sanctions.  The definite performance sanctions seemed to have a positive general and specific deterrent effect on abhorrent behavior. 

USA Volleyball needs to follow through and assess collateral and supervisory responsibility on the coaches and club directors to encourage their aggressive compliance and team discipline to avoid these problems in the future.  This compliance must be enforced early in the disciplinary action by notice, warning and as appropriate sanctions against coaches, club directors, and chaperones.

To insure the effectiveness of the disciplinary action by arbitrators, the appeal ability of the arbitrators’ action must be limited to stop frivolous and dilatory appeal processes.

Mike Chandler suggests sending a letter to the Ethics & Eligibility committee to determine how and when the team/club should be subject to disciplinary process for egregious or recurrent violations of the code of conduct.  The committee fully supports and endorses Mike Chandler’s suggestions, and would add provisions to extend the process more vigilantly against coaches, chaperones, and club directors.



See item #6 above


The ROD likes to evaluate the pre-tournament manual.  Can we list the changes separately on the web site?

Need some volunteer reviewers to fact-check, edit, and proof the pre-tournament book to insure it is published as was intended, and consistent with the minutes of the meetings.  Chris Clauss and Mike Hullett will assist in the editing.  Cannot publish formats further in advance until the teams are registered.  Scorekeeper requirement should be prominently shown as a result of changes in the application of the rule. 

It is imperative that player numbers are reported correctly for the tournament publications to ensure the opportunity for collegiate recruiters to see players.  The time allowed this year was too short to have opportunity to proofread and corrected in time for publication at the tournament.

Need a Motion to move the deadline to be NO LESS than 21 days prior to the start of the tournament.  This will allow the Commissioners an opportunity to review and verify their Region’s information.  Motion deferred until tomorrow, to allow for California participation.


There was a problem with a lack of rising bleachers for the championship courts at boys’ J.O.’s in Phoenix.  The cost of the bleachers was unknown until immediately prior to commencement of the tournament, and the presented price was astronomical, and well beyond feasibility based on the event budget.


Foreign team insurance reciprocity is applicable only to HEALTH INSURANCE, not to liability, or sports accident.  ANY foreign teams participating in USA Volleyball events must complete the Foreign Team Registration Form, pay a $100.00 per team fee, and complete these steps in sufficient time prior to the competition that the USA Insurer can complete the appropriate Rider coverage.

The form, and the fee must be completed for EVERY event the team participates in.  The border countries, and US Territories were notified last season.  The information and requirements will be published on the USA Volleyball Web site in both English and Spanish.

Agenda Item #3 is tabled until 8/3/01. at 8:00 a.m.

On Motion of the Chairperson, approved unanimously, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


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