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Boys Advisory Committee
Recommendation Sheet

Note: Text in BLACK was offered to the Committee by the Commission.  Text in BLUE is the Committee’s recommendation.  Text in RED is the Commission’s Motion.  Bill J.

August 4, 2001:  Committee Chair:  Chris Clauss

SUBJECT #1:  Development of National Tournament Schedule. 

Recommendation:  Steve Covert will compile a National Tournament Schedule.  The schedule will be completed by October 1, 2001.

No Action Required.

Subject #2:  Pre Tournament Book  

Recommendation:  Chris Clauss and Mike Hulett will pre-read the pre-tournament book.

No action Required.  


Recommendation:  Tabled until the January Meeting

No Action required.  

Subject #4:  SEEDING  

Recommendation: The Atlantic Zone Regions will pre-compile their suggested seedings and submit them to USA for seeding as a collaborative document.  Collin Powers will follow-up on the East Coast, making sure tournament results be submitted.  The boys’ committee supports the Competition Advisory Committee recommendation requiring reporting of the results on the USA Web Page.

No action taken.

 Subject#5:  Mandatory Reporting of Team/Tournament Results

            Rationale For:  Incentive for teams to submit their results.  The amended seeding criteria will be published; emphasizing to the teams that proper seeding requires the submission of the reporting criteria.

            Rationale Against:  You affect the outcome and the bumping of the lower seeds our of pool play.  

Recommendation:  Teams not submitting their results will not be seeded for the tournament based on competition experience.  Rather, if there is room for the team(s) in the tournament, the teams who failed to comply with the reporting requirement will be seeded together into the same pool(s). 

Motion:  As per recommendation, see competition commission recommendation for additional information.

 Subject #6:  Behavior management at championships

Recommendation:  The committee recommends that the arbitrator process be evaluated and fine-tuned as appropriate.

That the extent, reach and jurisdiction of the arbitrators specifically, and USA Volleyball generally, extends to all the individual members, both on and off the playing sites. 

The arbitrators will emphasize the investigation, discovery and tracking of inappropriate behavior, in addition to the nature, type and degree of sanctions to be entered against those acting outside the USA Code of Conduct.

The pre-tournament coaches & captains meeting, confirming the behavior policies, that the team captains, coaches and club directors will be sanctioned for their team’s inappropriate behavior.

No special awards or opportunities will be conferred on any player or team who are sanctioned for misbehavior during or outside competition at the event.  This includes All Tournament, or high performance type awards, opportunities or commendations.

The committee fully supports Mike Chandler’s recommendations, including an emphasis on enforcing the responsibility and culpability of the coaches, chaperones, parents and club directors.

Rationale For:  The organizational goal is to deter abhorrent behavior, and not to merely implement processes to punish such behavior.  Communication of the both the likelihood of getting caught, and secondarily the seriousness of the sanctions will help to accomplish this goal, without unduly accentuating the negative aspects of behavior management.

Rationale Against:  None


CLICK HERE TO See Final Draft Proposal (8/4/01 3:00 p.m. draft of Chip Reiley (Keystone Region)).

The Committee unanimously endorses proposal number 2, subject to the following change in the frozen roster rule for the Club Division.  The first two sentences will be amended to read:  “The team roster shall be considered frozen upon submittal of the entry form and roster.  No player listed on this roster may participate on a team from any other club for purpose of these championships.”

Rationale:  This places all of the teams on an equal playing field, without regard to their Region’s High school volleyball schedule, requirements or other limitation.


Glenn Lietzke:  Allowing that the High School Rules to fix the extortion by the high school coaches.  It happened in Texas and Ohio.  Two Things to fix the problem. 

Need to create another division – ALL Star Division.  No.  Not legal under the current rules, and would create an environment where the All-Star teams would be competing with the other teams for their players.

Great Lakes & California currently circumvent the current rules by allowing teams to release & transfer their players for purposes of going to boys JOVC’s.

Chuck McCracken:  To change & make it open as defined in the proposal, you’ve got to live with the risk that Regions will not enact local rules to protect their teams and recruiting.

Clubs are signing waivers.

Mike Chandler:  Does not express an opinion on the merits of the proposal.  Is satisfied that the proposal, as submitted by the body (Boys’ Advisory Committee) is sufficiently complete, that, if accepted, could theoretically be implemented.

NOTE:  The Commission expressed concerns that such drastic change would also need to be reviewed by Ethics & Eligibility before they would expect the ROD, or the Board to take any action, if a recommendation is formulated and submitted.  (Ed.)


subject #8:  number of substitutions

Recommendation.  The Boys Committee opposes a reduction in the allowable number of substitutions per game from 12 to 6.

 No action required, supporting the current rule.


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