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To:        Keystone Region Membership

From:    William E. Jones, Commissioner-Elect

CC:       Board of Directors

Date:     8/4/2001 10:15 a.m.    

Re:        General Forum        

Meeting Chair Person:            Laurie Dagostino        

Attendees:                             ALL     


Documents Relied on at the Meetiing:  Administrative Council Meeting Motions, 8/99; Administrative Council Issues, September 25, 2000-3/15/01; YJOV meeting minutes 8/4-8/6/2000; Revised Agenda 8/4-8/5; JO’s Girls Invitational Fact Sheet starting in 2002.

Margie Mara:  Availability of USA Volleyball Merchandise at the Meeting.

Laurie Dagostino.  2nd NYJOV meeting 

Best Time of the Year for the 2nd annual Juniors meeting.  Suggestion of the weekend before the Championships, at the site of the Championships, for 2002, this would be the weekend of May 18, 2001, in Dallas.

Unanimously approved the minutes of last year’s meeting, and the Administrative Council Actions since last year.

Mike Hulett.   Disabled Athletes.

 The Men’s standing team will be traveling to the Czech Republic for competition.  Shriners Hospital and YMCA volleyball sitting and standing competitions, are cooperating as a means of generating opportunities and identifying athletes to participate.  It is suggested that Teams dedicate some portion of their weekly practice time to developing and working with disabled athletes.  Volleyball is a great opportunity for rehabilitation, and mainstreaming disabled athletes within the volleyball community.

Types of Disabled Volleyball:

1.       Wheelchair volleyball is being developed in Europe. 

2.       Standing is played under regular USA rules, but the athletes must fall within the defined criteria of physical disability.

3.       Sitting volleyball net is 45” high, and played on a court 6*6 meters.

Mike Chandler.  Jo’s invitational for girls

For the teams that did not qualify for the Championship through the Open or Club bid process. 

Intention to participate would be indicated on the application process for JO’s, or directly submitted for the opportunity to participate.

1.       If the Tournament is over-subscribed by divisions, the Regions will determine which of their teams will go to the Invitational.

2.       Will be at a different location from Nationals.  36+ courts, over the course of 4 days.

3.       Tying into more time at the facility for the boys’ event, adding 4 days to the 6 days of Boys’ JO’s.

4.       June 27th – 30th.  JO’s will start at that time.

5.       This event is committed for 2002.

6.       Questions or concerns can be submitted to the Administrative Council for possible consideration in tomorrow’s meeting.


1.       Emphasized the importance of participating in both the Advisory Committees, and the Commission Meetings.

2.       All are welcomed to remain and observe the meetings through tomorrow.  Otherwise, the results of this weekend’s meeting will be available as published in the meeting minutes.


Adjourned at 11:15 a.m.










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