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Minutes of Regular Meeting

Date: 3/2/2001 Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Adamstown Branch YMCA
77 West Main Street, Adamstown, PA 19501
Phone: 717-484-4996
Executive Committee Reports
Commissioner Com Emeritus Juniors Coord Outdoor
Treasurer Scorer Adult Indoor
Secretary Referee
Advisory Council Reports
Coaches Men's Rep Boys Rep Business Manager
Coach/Player Women's Rep Girls Rep
Eligibility Player At Large Jr Referee
Committee Reports
Nominating Ridge Fund Special Items

A quorum was present for the meeting:  Yes
The Meeting was called to Order at: 7:10
The meeting was chaired by:     Referee Chairperson
Minutes of Last Meeting 1/5/01 Approved Unanimously
Agenda by the Commissioner is incorporated by reference.

Fiscal Year Statements were sent.  Going with current budget
Secretary Return to Top
Adult Referees & Scorekeepers Clinic being held on March 16, 2001 in Moorestown, New Jersey, at 7:00 p.m.

Newsletter is Delayed, but in progress

Thank you to the many Board members who have provided articles and information

Requests from a number of Adult players for SHORTER tournament formats.  Suggesting a brief survey that would ask three questions:

   How far are you willing to travel for a one-day tournament?

  What is the best time of day to start adult tournaments?

What is the best time to COMPLETE an adult tournament?

 Conflicts of Interest

Since the individual Board members have taken a more proactive role in Region leadership, there have been many more issues and discussions about apparent conflicts of interest.

Since most Board members have an apparent potential for conflicts, it is imperative that all Board members conduct themselves in a joint or team manner, to insure that the membership is aware they are being treated fairly by the Board. 

Actions that can prevent the appearance of conflict are often as little as:

Having the business manager/commissioner/secretary communicate answers back to the members, or

Insuring that the members understand that any action by a Board member may be appealed through the office of the Commissioner, any applicable standing committee, and/or by initiating a request through any member of the Board of Directors.

Referee Chairperson

Referee database – Marty, Mike Bill & Jennifer after the meeting

As a result of the incomplete reporting of clinics and ratings, as well as delays in updating the Officials database, the Region will give deference to candidates and recertifying officials regarding completion of requirements

There is no National requirement for Certified Junior referees in either Championship or Competition/Club level.

Boys Regionals will be 11 Courts on 1 day, March 4, 2001.

As a result of a shortage of non-playing officials, the Region may need to re-evaluate requirements for teams to have referees.  Annual meeting agenda item.

Keystone Region has 2 Candidates for Junior National Referee to be rated at the Northeast Qualifier:  Gale House, Ph.D., and William E. Jones

No National Referee candidates from the Region for this year.

More information to REFEREES and TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS about how they are to be compensated, and that they are to be compensated by the tournament hosts, not the participating teams.

Jr Referee Development Coordinator

Only 2 games rated are required for R2 Certification as a result of the publication of that information having been posted on the web.

There is no National requirement for Certified 2nd Referees.  (See also "The Official Word, Vol. 3., No. 1, p 8, February, 2001"ed.)

May need to remove the Requirement for 2nd Referees for Juniors in the KRVA Juniors Operating Code.

Scorekeeper Chairperson
No Report
Juniors Coordinator
No Report
Girls Coordinator
No Report
Coaches Representative
Thank you to all the coaches for pitching in to help out an ailing coach who will be unable to participate in the Boys’ Regionals.  All coaches contacted were more than gracious and helpful in helping out under the circumstances.
Boys Coordinator

Volley East had a snowed out problem where a tournament was held despite a snow and travel problem.  No teams showed.

The teams were offered a replacement date for the following week, or alternatively a credit of $85.00 out of $125.00 tournament entry fee

Region may need to develop a policy regarding tournament cancellation, and weather related problems.

Visitor Kim Zieger spoke about the issue, and advised that she has established an e-mail chain to communicate her displeasure about the handling of weather related cancellations in the future.

Outdoor Director

West Chester in June

Allentown in May

Sportsfest Television Coverage

Possible future issue for KRVA to SPONSOR the Sports Fest

Youth Volleyball 

Adult Indoor Director
No Report
Men's’ Player Representative
No Report
At Large Player Representative
No Report
Commissioner Emeritus
No Report

March 31, 2001 is the deadline for applications for the Tom & May Ridge Endowment fund.

After the closing date, the Commissioner emeritus will publish the applications received to the Executive Committee.

Women’s Player Representative

Albright College’s Gym is too cold.

What level of variance from “identical” is “similar” including both shirts and shorts.  If the Region will not enforce a strict policy of “similar/like/identical” uniforms for Region run or sanctioned events, then the rules should be modified to avoid a disparity of compliance among Region teams.

Eligibility Chairperson

Limited number of referees (71) on Assignor database, only 10 want to officiate adult competitions.

1 BB Team playing KRVA Regionals, but will play A at Nationals.

A/AA are together at Nationals this year, followed by B/BB then Co-Ed

Coach/Player Coordinator

Feedback from the Region is that a sufficient number of Impact Clinics were held

Still a demand for a weekend long CAP clinic, but issues as to scheduling and availability.

In that the CAP clinic was previously budgeted for 2001, the Coordinator will submit a proposal and funding request to the Executive Committee for consideration PRIOR to the next General meeting of the Board of Directors.


No Report.

Business Manager

Officials’ Information in Database

Regional Championships

All Boys are processed – Some Girls & Adults remain.

Computer problems are worked out with new computer from Gateway

Adult Tournaments
Men’s & Women’s in  January and February
Written Report is incorporated by reference

Adult Regionals April 7 & 8th

Multiple Sites
Men’s & Women’s’ A/AA At University of Pennsylvania thanks to Kerry Major
Men’s & Women’s’ B/BB at Volley East

Officials’ Certifications are still under project for the Database

March 12, 2001 Adult Regionals Application deadline

Girls Regionals deadline - March 10, 2001

At the Conclusion of the meeting, the Referee Chair, Eligibility Chair, Jr. Referee Coordinator, Business Manager and Secretary remained and devised a plan of implementation for updating the database with current and future Officials certification information.

Special Agenda Items

·         AL KOFROTH

Rumor of a change of dates for the Girls’ 13th Championship Division??

Only 9 teams available – Shippensburg, Volley East, & ANC

Originally would have been 28th & 29th of April.

 If the problem is gym availability, Al Kofroth can arrange for courts at Centerville High School.

Nominating Committee
Chip Reiley and Alan Sowa would accept if nominated
Marty Lang is a candidate for the Adult Indoor Program Director
All current Advisory Council Members are open for continuing in the office
No other than the Eligibility Chair running for the office of Adult Indoor Program Direct, no current members indicated any intention to run for a different position.
Ridge Endowment Fund
See Commissioner Emeritus Report
Next Meeting and Adjournment
Next Meeting will be held: 
05/04/01 – 7:00 p.m.
If available, 
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
Motion to Adjourn
9:45 P.M

End Of Minutes

Attenda nce







Executive Committee



Chip Reiley


Bill Stevens



Bill Jones





Jeff Stubblefield




Com Emeritus

Dave Lockwood


Bill Stevens


Referee Chair

Bill Stevens




Scorer Chair

Al Sowa


Bill Stevens


Youth Junior

Tim Kilian




Indoor Director

Bill Durbin



No Answer

Outdoor Director

Chris Weber



Advisory Council






Marty Lang


Jr Girls Representative

Joe Boland


Jr Boys Representative

Steve Covert


Jr Referee

Mike McPoyle



Will Lapp


At Large Player

Dan Mickle

Bill Jones

Women’s Representative

Denise Stubblefield


Men’s Representative

Al Kofroth


Coach Representative

Mark Hoke


Coach/Player Development

Dick Sware


Publicity and Marketing Jamie Shamis Yes

Business Manager

Jennifer Steinbach


Special Guests


Josh Steinbach

Kim Zieger