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4-2-1 Effective with the 2002-03 season, all uniforms must be free of all hard and unyielding items such as buttons, zippers, snaps, and fasteners.
Rationale: Restriction from uniforms with hard and unyielding adornment.

4-2-3f Placed so the top of the number on the front of the uniform shoulder is no more than five inches down from the shoulder seam; or placed so the number is centered NO MORE THAN TWO INCHES BELOW THE NECKLINE OPENING on the upper body. Rationale: The upper body of the uniform top provides for a clear view of the number.

5-4-3-b-l3 Notify the coach when a team uses their 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th
substitutions. Rationale: Consistent with substitution rules.

5-5-3-l Notify the umpire when a 19th substitution is requested.
Rationale: Consistent with substitution rules.

5-7-3c Indicate when the ball touches the net, net antennas, and or net supports not entirely between net antennas. Rationale: Clarifies that the antenna is considered out-of-bounds.

5-7-3-g Delete; Combined with 5-7-3-c.

7-1-2 Two minutes prior to the end of timed pre-match warm-up, a coach from each team shall submit to the scorer an accurate, written line-up of the uniform numbers for the six starting players in proper serving order. The first server should be identified by circling that player's number. (Note: THE POSITIONS ON THE SUBMITTED WRITTEN LINEUP TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER THE CIRCLED PLAYER. Preventive officiating should be used when the first server's number is not circled.") Rationale: Addition of wording in the rule for clarification purposes.

9-5-1b Omit "With the intention of" from the definition of attack. Rationale: So that results are officiated rather than intent.

9-5-4 Attack: An attack is an action, other than a block or serve that directs the ball into the opponent's team area.
Rationale: Provides clarity for standard terminology within the rule.

10-3-2 A team is allowed a maximum of eighteen substitutions per game. Each player is allowed unlimited entries within the team limit. Starting the game does not count as substitution. An illegal substitution does not count as an entry provided the illegal substitute is removed from the court.
Rationale: This rule change will allow teams to play consistently, by allowing them to have choice of player on the court throughout the contest.

10-3-6 When teams have exhausted their 18-team substitutions or when no legal substitutes are available, an exceptional substitution is permitted only for an injured/ill player in the following priority:
1. By a player who has never played in the game or a player who has played in
thatposition earlier in the game;
2. By any legal player on the bench, regardless of previous position played. An
injured/ill player replaced by an exceptional substitution may not re-enter a game in which the exceptional substitution takes place. A team may not play with less than six players if there is a legal substitute (including an exceptional substitution) available. Rationale: This change supports the rule change which allows 18 team substitutions and unlimited individual entries within the 18 team limit.

10-3-7b3 A substitution is illegal when the substitute: re-enters or attempts to re-enter as a 19th substitution. Rationale: This supports the rule change which allows 18 team substitutions and unlimited entries within the 18 team limit.




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