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EXCEL Referee Assignment Worksheets.
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Junior Referee Exam Form "D" for Download:
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Referee's Checklist


Whistle & Lanyard Red & Yellow Cards
Net Height Device Air pressure Gauge
Navy Dress Trousers with Belt
"Certified Volleyball Official" White Shirt With Patch, OR

"USA/Certified Volleyball Official"  Sweater over white Crew Shirt WITHOUT patch

White athletic/walking shoes & white sox

Arrival at Site

Arrive 30 minutes before first scheduled match
Greet Tournament Director and/or Chief Referee

Communicate to Chief Referee any scheduling conflicts.  You should NOT officiate any match in any pool in which your child, grandchild, parent or spouse is competing.

Locate Officials' Lounge Area
Obtain officiating schedule

Confirm protocol for assigned courts for warm-ups & play; Let Serve Rule; Libero Rule for event

Examine assigned court for
Obstructions, lines, padding, limitations
Bench areas start at attack line extended
Net height & ball inflation

Commencement of First Match

Conduct Pre-Match conference 
Explain Court Rules
Confirm Match & Warm-up format
Show Coin - designate team to call toss
Confirm toss winner's options of:
Serve, Side or Receive
First serving team has first warm-up

Meet scorekeeper and advise of Referee Name, team sides, and first serving team, or write information on the Scoresheet.

Make sure scorekeeper has recorded COMPLETE team names.

During Warm-ups

Scorekeeper - Explain and confirm:
scorekeeper is certified and knowledgeable
Assistant Scorekeeper role regarding Substitutions & Libero
Procedure for improper service order and wrong server
Second Referee - Confirm Responsibility and procedure:

Whistle and signal net fouls, midline violations, substitutions and timeouts

Work with scorekeeper, keep track of current score
Maintain eye contact with First Referee during the match.
Line Judges
Instruct all line judges for MATCH

Explain 5 signals to be used during the match:  In, Out, Touch, Foot Fault, Didn't See

Confirm FLAG signals done with one hand (In/Out)

Confirm ball on line is "IN"; ball touching, crossing over, crossing outside of antennae is "OUT"; Explain "Touch" vs. "Out" signal; Explain service "Foot Fault".

Suggest importance of watching the "line" to determine In/Out, and watching the blockers' "fingers" to determine touches on the block.

Confirm that line judges should report any attempts to influence or criticize their calls.

Confirm that line judges may assist in ball retrieval, but that responsibility is primarily with the teams competing in the match.

During Match/Games

Identify team captains
Avoid any conferences with the other officials unless absolutely necessary.

Keep lookout for Libero replacements and rotational faults on serving team

Call ball handling violations consistently.
Watch for back row attacks and back row blocks.

Watch for Libero violations by attacking any ball above the plane of the net, or overhand setting to a hitter who attacks the ball above the plane of the net

Insure that any first team touch on a ball is above the plane of the net and a blocking action, otherwise, the team has only two remaining legal contacts.

Allow second referee the opportunity to first whistle any midline violations or net fouls, and make the initial signal.  Signal only the next team to serve.

Beckon for service when the server is in the service area with the ball, and both teams have had opportunity to get into proper positions.

Signal End of Game by whistling end of play; reason for ending play.  Then Whistle and signal the end of game and teams to the end line.  After confirming end of game with second referee/scorekeeper, whistle and signal change of courts.

Interruptions & Between Games

Remain on the referee stand.

Avoid conversation with the second referee or any of the competing teams.

Assist in timing the timeouts (30 seconds) between games (3 minutes)

Whistle teams back onto the court to start subsequent games, allow the second referee to check player positioning and confirm team captains.

Deciding Games

Confirm whether Second Referee will conduct coin toss.

Signal teams to end line, and instruct captains to center court for coin toss.

Confirm results of the toss by team sides; serve & receive.
Signal teams to their bench areas.

At mid-point of game (13th point scored in 25 point game; 8th point scored in 15 point game) signal teams to switch courts without going to end lines or benches.

Confirm that visible scores have been changed, scorekeeper is ready and continue play without delay.

End of Match

Avoid any discussion of the match with the teams/coaches.

Thank the Work Team

Review the Scoresheet with the scorekeeper to insure:

Final points are recorded on running score and exit score.
Start and end times for games are recorded.
Winning & Losing Teams are recorded on the bottom of the sheet.

If referee for the next match is not at courtside, conduct pre-match conference and start warm-ups.

Be present at your next court BEFORE conclusion of the match before yours.



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