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It's that Time of Year Again.  ALL THE NEW RULES FOR USAV, NAGWS and NFHS are here on the site, including an annotated Rules Comparison Chart for all three Rules Sets.  Click ANYWHERE in this paragraph to see the new Rules.  .  

See the SCORER section for updated USAV Scoresheets (12 substitutions) and a sample NAGWS 2002 Score sheet.  Click here for Scorekeeper information.

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Why do we describe as round robin a tournament in which everyone plays everyone else? (answer below)

When Soviet Communist Party leader Nikita Khrushchev spoke to the Party elite about the terrible crimes of his predecessor, Joseph Stalin, someone called out: "Where were you?" Khrushchev looked up from his speech, demanding, "Who said that?" There was silence. "That's where I was," said Khrushchev.

Similarly, on British warships centuries ago, complaining to the captain might get you hanged as mutineer if your name was at the top of a petition. The solution: arrange the signatures in a circle so nobody could be singled out. This was called "round robin," for the circle and the ribbon (modified in the expression to robin) that tied the document.

When diagrammed, a tournament with everyone playing everyone else, as opposed to an elimination tournament, looks like that circle of signatures. And you thought round robin was a portly bird that had overindulged on worms.
Source: A BROWSER'S DICTIONARY by John Ciardi

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