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To:        Keystone Region Membership

From:    William E. Jones, Commissioner-Elect

CC:       Board of Directors

Date:     8/2/2001 3:00 P.M.

Re:        Grass Roots Commission

Meeting Chair Person:      Chris Clauss

Attendees:     John Kessel, Mike Hulett & Others



          A successful program tried in Sandy Utah to involve younger children into volleyball.  Goal is to make the courts available, unsupervised for general use.  Risk management idea to place within line of site of championship/tournament desk for general oversight.

          Goal would be to suggest/require for all qualifiers and major tournaments.  Original budget amount of $3,000.00 vs. actual incurred of less than $500.00.  John Kessel described it also as a great opportunity for interaction between tournament, coaches and parents, as well as attracts very young children toward the sport.


YMCA interaction with disabled athletes is going well.  The Shriners foundation have been non-responsive to numerous requests for involvement.

Special Olympics is completely distinct from sitting/disabled Olympics so no productive interaction is being sought or considered.  Most Special Olympic athletes would not meet the threshold requirements for physical disability to qualify under the present criteria.

There is a need to develop the sitting/disabled program for females.  No teams have been identified, although one individual has shown interest in such a program.

USAV has been doing extensive recruiting and research with the benefit of a $50,000.00 grant from the Paralympics organization.


The USAV poster development project is back to square one.  The original developer has some concepts but describes it as too big a project to continue on a pro bono basis.



The program is running out of funding as the Nike Grant, and “Charlie Jackson” funds are nearly exhausted.

It was  suggested that future viability of the program to develop USAV type volleyball might be realized by bringing “organized” volleyball to Girls & Boys Clubs of America, and Police Athletic League type of organizations.



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