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USA Volleyball  Acronyms

AAHPERD (pronounced
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance
AAU Amateur Athletic Union
ADVA American Deaf Volleyball Association (now DSFUSA Deaf Sorts Federation USA)
AIA Athletes in Action
ALA American Latvian Association
AMATEUR SPORTS ACT Public Law 95.606. This is the legislation governing USA Volleyball as a NGB.
ASEP American Sorts Education Program
AVA Amateur Volleyball Association
AVCA American Volleyball Coaches Association
AVP Association of Volleyball Professionals
BD Beach Volleyball Division
BOD Board of Directors
BSA Bo Scouts of America
CAP Coaching Accreditation Program (advanced coaches training courses offered by USA Volleyball)
CBVA California Beach Volleyball Association
DSUSA Disabled Sports USA
DVD Disabled Volleyball Division
FIVB International Volleyball Federation (USAV is a member of this, our International Federation (IF))
IMPACT Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory (entry level course in CAP program)
IOC International Olympic Committee (the FIVB is a member of the IOC)
JCC Jewish Community Centers Maccabi
JNC Junior National Championship Event.  Used to refer to events leading up to, and including the JOVC. (e.g. Regional Bid Tournaments, Qualifiers, and the JOVC) 
JOVC U.S. Junior Olympic Volleyball National Championship
MRHRD or MRHR DIVISION Member Relations and Human Resources Division
NAGWS National Association of Girls and Women in Sort
NAIA National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
NAPAL National Association of Police Athletic Leagues
NATIONAL OFFICE USA Volleyball Administrative Office is commonly referred to as the "National Office".
NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association (sometimes referred to NC2A)
NCD or NC DIVISION National Championships Division
NCSG National Congress of State Games
NFSHSA National Federation of State High Schools Association
NGB National Governing Body
NIRSA (pronounced NURSA) National Intramural Recreational Sorts Association
NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association
NRPA National Recreation and Parks Associations
NSCA (pronounced NISCA) National Strength Coaches Association
NVA National Volleyball Association
OD Officials Division
OLYMPIC We are only permitted to use the word "Olympic" if it is followed by the word "Volleyball".
OTC Olympic Training Center
PAVO Professional Association of VB Officials (formerly ABO, Affiliated Board of
PCPFS President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sorts
ROD Regional Operations Division
RVA Regional Volleyball Association (plural is RVAs)
SCOUT Student Collegiate Outlook of USA Volleyball Talent (manual available to collegiate coaches for player recruitment)
SOCOG Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games
SOI Special Olympics, Inc.
USA VOLLEYBALL d.b.a name for United States Volleyball Association, as of May 1994
USAF United States Air Force
USAV New abbreviation for USA Volleyball
USJOV United States Junior Olympic Volleyball
USJOVC United States Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USNSO United States National Senior Sorts Organization
USOC United States Olympic Committee (USAV is a member of this National Olympic Committee NOC)
USVBA Former abbreviation for United States Volleyball Association (now known as USA Volleyball, aka USVBA)
USYVL United States Youth Volleyball League
VBHF Volleyball Hall of Fame
WGM William G. Morgan Foundation
WI Wall ball Inc.
YJOVD or YJOV DIVISION Youth/Junior Olympic Volleyball Division
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association

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